Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open House

Our portfolio open house was today. Seeing the final compilations of years of work in design and art was really inspiring. Some of the ideas people came up with were surprising and really original. I was actually struck by the number of compassionate design ideas there were: animals covers for children's inhalers, play stations designed specifically for children with mental handicaps, mood thermometers that use social networking sites, environmentally friendly public transportation improvements and innovations. I'm really impressed by the ideas and the executions. I doodled while I waited for it all to start. I don't know what direction I'm moving in. But it helped me, to see all the directions others were going in. I've always learned things the hardest way. And I often do all the wrong things before I know what's right. Process of elimination is my calling card and I'm getting an idea now. It was all of the 11 X 17" laminated pockets. They felt suffocating to me. But for so many others, this format worked beautifully. I'm beginning to think I'm not meant for lamination.

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