Thursday, September 30, 2010

seeking alternatives

The Project continues...

Job hunting (sampling) continues...

Reading "Museum Legs"and enjoying it thoroughly...

I have no idea what October will bring, other than, of course, the unforeseeable. And Halloween.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Happy.

This is a fairly large canvas to kick my butt back into's my transition piece to get me back in the swing before the big projecto begins. Now lacking a social life, I'm left with two things to do: work and work. It's proving very conducive to inspiration and follow-through. Thank you Jupiter in Aries for finally showing up (astrology...I can't help but love you).

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the student Veteran's Club. I'm going to present my idea and ask for participants.

I'm going to invest in an audio recorder to compliment my little HD video camera (thanks Alex) and I'll have everything I need to dig in.

In the meantime, applications to full-time positions are in progress as the long-term goal of teaching at a university becomes consciously realized and the action plan (plenty full of short-term goals and challenging milestones) unfolds...

Life is good. I'm excited for the surprises and plans of the near future...smiles and crossed-fingers.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Someone was practicing Yann Tiersen upstairs in Crouse College.

Today was a great day.

My emailbox and phone wait for a highly anticipated answer to arrive.

A canvas has been readied!

I feel momentum.

These are by a new-found inspiration, Dmitri Belyukin, who has been a very big part of the motivation and direction I am taking with a new project. There is so much to learn, and always will be.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Twiddly dee...first day at work. I've been listening to the piano performance majors (or perhaps just one of them) practice all day upstairs. It's been lovely. For many reasons, today was a slow day...getting familiar with papers and numbers and ways of doing things. But these things don't take more than an hour. I read some seems there will never be a solution to the voting machine problem. And the Middle East still has many unresolved issues. This is not news.

So I decided, as I listened to the music majors practice, and saw all the students with their books at lunch, that I wanted to "study" too. I went through facebook and picked friends to draw. As long as there are no assignments to be done at work, I think it's okay to "doodle" rather than sit with nothing to do. So long as there is legitimate down-time...I'll continue to do this. If I pick you to stalk and draw...don't panic. It's only because I love you...and miss you. Not creepin'.

I liked this photo because this is the face he always makes when someone has played a practical joke on him and he's about to break out laughing a split second later. He's got such a fun range of expressions.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New York New York

We went to New York with the intention of attending an all-day festival. But then, PS1 and the MoMa found us, and who were we to turn away? We spent most of the weekend walking, familiarizing ourselves with Brooklyn and Queens. Saw some really great graffiti work and a special exhibit of Matisse work.

Port Authority is no more fun than it ever was. Though I still like bus-rides.

Work with the Dean's Office begins soon. I'm excited to be back on campus. Though, there's an important thing or two that must be accomplished before full work-weeks start up again. It was a good weekend...lots of inspiration and feelings of new direction and possibility.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


On my birthday, I quit my job and started a new one. And I feel great about this.

Tomorrow, I have the day off and I'm going to spend it sketching in the halls and gardens of Constable Hall.