Tuesday, May 31, 2011


'Tis biking season! We did a 90-mile two-day trip to Sonyea State Forest south of Rochester. The ride there was sunny and lovely enough to burn us to a crisp and the weather held out long enough for us to enjoy some Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey in the great outdoors (I cannot explain why this makes such a great bike-trip/camping ritual!). Then came a lightning storm like I have never seen before and we ended up nearly trapped in the campsite. The river we easily forged the day before to get to the campsite had become a raging rapid. Alex somehow managed to carry two bikes, all of our camping gear and my entire body across the river without us dying. 5'3" and small is not optimum river forging stature. Noted.

These photos were from the tent the morning after the epic storm. I thought they were weird-I liked them.

Now I'm off to read the Futurist's Manifesto for my Art History class. Life is good. Being open and receptive. Understanding Kripalu Yoga more and more each day. And enjoying the warmth and sun that is now enveloping central New York.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


When we moved into our new temporary residence, we found this in the freezer. A beetle and a moth. A funny thing to come across, certainly. But I cannot help but commend the leaver's poetry, whether meant or not meant. It was kind of a lovely thing to come across actually.

The painting of Alex on the step was chosen from the SU employee On My Own Time exhibit (by the Cultural Resource Council) to be part of an exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art from mid-September to mid-October. The exhibit features selected works from several CNY companies and organizations that participate in the OMOT show. "Alex" will also be used in the OMOT exhibit catalog coming out sometime before the exhibit opens. Some good news.

Moving, taking classes and Everson

Well, we've moved! Down the street and around the corner, and another corner and another street. But it's new. And it's ours. We've managed to make it comfy, even though it'll be short-lived. Celebrating with a Co-op supplied meal, we settle in. Here's to a year of working, taking more Art History classes and having fun with the Everson as a volunteer!

Speaking of classes, my summer course began this week. It is a strange feeling returning to studenthood, but a year of life away from academia has made me realize how much I do miss it. So I return as a non-matriculated Graduate student to freely jump into whatever classes I choose, and my heart leads me to the Arts. Again and again.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ode to the single lens reflex...

A return to photography. Not that I ever really left it. I just had a dead battery for a while...in one way or another.

I think the greatest thing photography ever taught me was/is patience and acceptance. It, more than any other medium has taught me the zen-like calm, focus and reflection that is necessary for compassion, empathy, and regeneration. In its natural frankness, I find comfort that I struggle to find elsewhere.

Side-Note: Saw Naom Chomsky speak about US Foreign Policy on Wednesday. An inspiring and worthwhile way to spend an evening. The program was put on by the Syracuse Peace Council, who had some wonderful messages to give about giving locally.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whale watch.

It has been a quiet past couple of months. Quiet in the way that the sea is quiet.

The making of recent weeks has been more internal than external, hence my physical output has been less than usual. I've made a number of lovely additions to the book shelves and now piles. I've replanted and tended to a tree that mysteriously and spontaneously decided to grow itself in the pot of my now 5-year companion houseplant...in the middle of my bedroom. And I've made a few japa malas for myself and as gifts to a few who might appreciate them.

Three pieces (granted, they are not new pieces, but oh well) were put in the SU employee artwork show. They're now on display in Hendrick's Chapel on campus. I begin again into the world of Art History and academia in just over a week when my summer class begins.

Welcoming Spring.

Welcoming renewal.