Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whale watch.

It has been a quiet past couple of months. Quiet in the way that the sea is quiet.

The making of recent weeks has been more internal than external, hence my physical output has been less than usual. I've made a number of lovely additions to the book shelves and now piles. I've replanted and tended to a tree that mysteriously and spontaneously decided to grow itself in the pot of my now 5-year companion houseplant...in the middle of my bedroom. And I've made a few japa malas for myself and as gifts to a few who might appreciate them.

Three pieces (granted, they are not new pieces, but oh well) were put in the SU employee artwork show. They're now on display in Hendrick's Chapel on campus. I begin again into the world of Art History and academia in just over a week when my summer class begins.

Welcoming Spring.

Welcoming renewal.

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