Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It is finished! Unfortunately, wide-angle lens capability is not yet in my bag of tricks, so a combination of photos will do. It is Buns-tested and mother-approved. Now we'll see if it gets grandmother-approved...Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here is the progress thus far on ze quilt! Perhaps half-way to completion and perhaps completable within the next week...unless another literary magazine catches my eye. I will just stay out of bookstores.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A few more...

Here are a few more images from our get-a-way. And a short video of the drum circle and park gathering we were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon. The cow-bell started the rhythm and the drums followed and then the rest. I wanted so badly to interview or just quickly question someone about how it was organized. But we were in a rush, as the trip home was still ahead of us and then there was the whole me-not-being-fluent-in-french thing. Unfortunate. So glad we got to see this though!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We spent a beautiful weekend in Montréal. It was great to practice my French and, luckily, I found it came back quickly. Plus, the whole city is practically covered in flashcards, as most everything is spelled out in French and English. We explored the Musée D'Art Contemporain de Montréal, among other things, but mostly spent the weekend walking, familiarizing ourselves with the city. It was my first time visiting, and by the time we had to leave, I very much wanted to stay. Only a four-hour drive, but vastly different than home. Small businesses and odd eccentric shops were thriving, countless diners, cafes and small restaurants to explore, music and art everywhere, a city that promotes bicycle-use, red wine that smells like brie cheese, and an overwhelming number of generally friendly, patient and beautiful people. It was just beginning to get cold too, but there wasn't snow. It is one of those northern cities that's made for winter. I bet it is gorgeous. The plan is to go back soon.

We saw a multi-media piece at the museum that was created by two professors here at SU. It is one of five finalists in the competition for the Sobey Art Award. Alex and our roommates contributed to the piece, assisting the artists Duke and Battersby with the construction of some of their 3D pieces. It was great to be there and hear Alex say, "I made that...and I sanded that." The competition is judged Thursday.

We stayed at the Montréal Youth Hostel and it was wonderful! In addition to great lighting, we also had bananas, jams, toast, coffee and more jus d'orange than anyone would ever need. More photos of the city soon. I'm also about half way finished with the quilt! That'll be up soon as well. Ciao!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Animal figure drawing was fun! The rabbits were brought by the local SPCA, and I think I will start volunteering there...yay.

Here are some of the little sketches, and Orsage, one of our fabulous models.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I entered a few paintings into the Madison County art show a few weeks ago, and I was delighted to have had two of them place. These have been seen before, but the ribbons are new! First and third for Josh and Alex, respectively. There was an awards presentation Friday, and my mother was gracious enough to document this event...shlumpy but happy, I stare into her piercing Carl Zeiss lens, and ask myself, why she is photographing me and not just the paintings. (Alex's face makes the local news)

In other news, I am making a quilt. I can swiffer and swiffer but there will always be Bunsworth's cat hair and dust-bunnies in the batting. I will just have to be allergic to our blanket.

I've been back at woodworking. Last Friday, I built a shelf on a whim, because we needed one. And the recent addition of a jigsaw to the collection of power tools in the house means future impulsive building is likely.

Election night makes me nervous as I watch the results come in on the various news-feeds and maps. So I bury myself in the new issue of Tin House and
enjoy this latest literary find. The cover, portraying Sargent's Madame X, with a Tin House tattoo on her chest, caught my attention. And coincidentally, they are based out of Portland...another sign that the Northwest is calling my name.

Animal Figure Drawing at the Community Folk Art Center this Saturday at NOON! And the answer I've been waiting for: RABBITS! We're drawing bunnies. Come if you're free and want to enjoy the company of rabbits and local families trying their hands at bunny portraits.