Saturday, January 14, 2012

Break from Blogger.

Well, little blog that is sort of lost and pointless...I think we shall take a break for a while. I've finally put together the wordpress that I'm going to try and use "professionally" for my studio. This one here started as a school project and had a mixed-bag of intentions behind it when I did it. I'm attempting some semblance of organization and direction with this new forum and hope I can keep it up. Say hello to the J.Zehr Studio WordPress. :) Ciao.


After a fun date-day at the MOST with a couple of lovely ladies, I went home and prepared these masterful dino stencils for framing! :) They will decorate the office. 

On the hunt for my home planetarium that I got when I was seven or there abouts. I would like to turn the home "office" into a grownup's play room, equipped with floor pillows and star projections. More playing!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Unspectacular. Quite ordinary, really.

I have officially resigned from the Associate Director position with the Ballet. In the interest of pursuing my own creative and academic ventures and dedicating more time to SU, including Graduate classes, I have made the decision with ease and with difficulty. Perhaps more difficulty. The decision was "Responsibility v. Responsibility," really. I chose Responsibility.

I love her. She melts me.

Still want to climb a mountain. There is a scene in The Snow Tourist where Charlie goes to stand in the middle of a frozen lake in Alaska, by himself, because he is afraid of his own fear to do so even though he knows the ice is feet deep. And he does it. And yells, "fuck you" to the lake. Or to himself. I can't even remember if he actually says that or if I imagined it. But I want to climb a mountain, is my point. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chickens and portfolios.

More doodling. I'm moving all of my media files onto an external. And in doing so, I'm just making it more fun by doing compilation sketches from the thousands and thousands of images from over the last 3-4 years. Doodles and noticing of trends. I love Fever Ray.

Doing some research into the symbology of chickens/hens/fowls.

I was part of the jury for the CNY portion of the National Scholastic Art Awards for high school students. I was on the photography portfolio panel. That was a tremendously positive experience and I cannot say how glad I was to be part of that. Very inspiring and enlightening. Thanks, Universe, for that one. And more specifically, to the person who presented me with the opportunity. Good vibes.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January-and still, snow, you elude us!

Back to sketching, thinking, writing. No TV, and a head full of books to digest, I find myself happy to sit and think and scribble. This is a rare event. I wish that weren't that case. But I never can do this unless I'm calm, alone and just quietly contemplating things. Rooka doesn't want to sit in the living room, so I do not bother to speak to her. Just keep the thoughts inward. And they inevitably come out my hands. Happy little sketches. Filling up a blank little book. Happy 2012! I suspect it is no different from 2011 yet,  but surely, in time we shall see!!

I would like to climb a mountain this year. A big one. With snow on it. And get to the top. And sit there for a long time. Makes me think of the Seat of Seeing (Fellowship of the Ring). Reading a lot about climbing mountains, taking long journeys, and snowy places lately. Very much in my thinking currently. Winter is exactly the right season. If it ever gets here...