Friday, January 13, 2012

Unspectacular. Quite ordinary, really.

I have officially resigned from the Associate Director position with the Ballet. In the interest of pursuing my own creative and academic ventures and dedicating more time to SU, including Graduate classes, I have made the decision with ease and with difficulty. Perhaps more difficulty. The decision was "Responsibility v. Responsibility," really. I chose Responsibility.

I love her. She melts me.

Still want to climb a mountain. There is a scene in The Snow Tourist where Charlie goes to stand in the middle of a frozen lake in Alaska, by himself, because he is afraid of his own fear to do so even though he knows the ice is feet deep. And he does it. And yells, "fuck you" to the lake. Or to himself. I can't even remember if he actually says that or if I imagined it. But I want to climb a mountain, is my point. 


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