Monday, January 2, 2012

January-and still, snow, you elude us!

Back to sketching, thinking, writing. No TV, and a head full of books to digest, I find myself happy to sit and think and scribble. This is a rare event. I wish that weren't that case. But I never can do this unless I'm calm, alone and just quietly contemplating things. Rooka doesn't want to sit in the living room, so I do not bother to speak to her. Just keep the thoughts inward. And they inevitably come out my hands. Happy little sketches. Filling up a blank little book. Happy 2012! I suspect it is no different from 2011 yet,  but surely, in time we shall see!!

I would like to climb a mountain this year. A big one. With snow on it. And get to the top. And sit there for a long time. Makes me think of the Seat of Seeing (Fellowship of the Ring). Reading a lot about climbing mountains, taking long journeys, and snowy places lately. Very much in my thinking currently. Winter is exactly the right season. If it ever gets here...

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