Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I entered a few paintings into the Madison County art show a few weeks ago, and I was delighted to have had two of them place. These have been seen before, but the ribbons are new! First and third for Josh and Alex, respectively. There was an awards presentation Friday, and my mother was gracious enough to document this event...shlumpy but happy, I stare into her piercing Carl Zeiss lens, and ask myself, why she is photographing me and not just the paintings. (Alex's face makes the local news)

In other news, I am making a quilt. I can swiffer and swiffer but there will always be Bunsworth's cat hair and dust-bunnies in the batting. I will just have to be allergic to our blanket.

I've been back at woodworking. Last Friday, I built a shelf on a whim, because we needed one. And the recent addition of a jigsaw to the collection of power tools in the house means future impulsive building is likely.

Election night makes me nervous as I watch the results come in on the various news-feeds and maps. So I bury myself in the new issue of Tin House and
enjoy this latest literary find. The cover, portraying Sargent's Madame X, with a Tin House tattoo on her chest, caught my attention. And coincidentally, they are based out of Portland...another sign that the Northwest is calling my name.

Animal Figure Drawing at the Community Folk Art Center this Saturday at NOON! And the answer I've been waiting for: RABBITS! We're drawing bunnies. Come if you're free and want to enjoy the company of rabbits and local families trying their hands at bunny portraits.

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