Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Happy.

This is a fairly large canvas to kick my butt back into gear...it's my transition piece to get me back in the swing before the big projecto begins. Now lacking a social life, I'm left with two things to do: work and work. It's proving very conducive to inspiration and follow-through. Thank you Jupiter in Aries for finally showing up (astrology...I can't help but love you).

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the student Veteran's Club. I'm going to present my idea and ask for participants.

I'm going to invest in an audio recorder to compliment my little HD video camera (thanks Alex) and I'll have everything I need to dig in.

In the meantime, applications to full-time positions are in progress as the long-term goal of teaching at a university becomes consciously realized and the action plan (plenty full of short-term goals and challenging milestones) unfolds...

Life is good. I'm excited for the surprises and plans of the near future...smiles and crossed-fingers.

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