Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Twiddly dee...first day at work. I've been listening to the piano performance majors (or perhaps just one of them) practice all day upstairs. It's been lovely. For many reasons, today was a slow day...getting familiar with papers and numbers and ways of doing things. But these things don't take more than an hour. I read some news...it seems there will never be a solution to the voting machine problem. And the Middle East still has many unresolved issues. This is not news.

So I decided, as I listened to the music majors practice, and saw all the students with their books at lunch, that I wanted to "study" too. I went through facebook and picked friends to draw. As long as there are no assignments to be done at work, I think it's okay to "doodle" rather than sit with nothing to do. So long as there is legitimate down-time...I'll continue to do this. If I pick you to stalk and draw...don't panic. It's only because I love you...and miss you. Not creepin'.

I liked this photo because this is the face he always makes when someone has played a practical joke on him and he's about to break out laughing a split second later. He's got such a fun range of expressions.

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