Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And with this, another sketchbook is given to The Shelf.

After 4,100 miles around the country (excluding the West Coast, unfortunately), another moleskin is filled with ramblings and scribblies.

Reflections upon completion of journey:
-Everything really is bigger in Texas
-Everything is also brown in Texas
-New Mexico is as beautiful as I always dreamt it would be
-The sky is turquoise in the southwest
-Segregation and socioeconomic divides are still very real and very apparent (disappointing)
-Aspen likes art of Aspen Trees
-Blowing up high definition scans of insects and printing them on German watercolor paper is a successful and surprisingly fantastic artistic expression
-Artist whose work is referred to in previous remark is also proof that at 60, you can still get a Fulbright Scholarship
-Step 1 (biking up a mountain) is ALWAYS worth it because of Step 2 (biking down the mountain)
-North Platte, Nebraska? Who knew?
-And road trips with an upset cat get more interesting when upset cat turns out to be master escape artist

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