Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This time last year...

So very much has progressed since last year. However, one thing that always remains constant is the randomness...I came across a group of photos from January 2010. Some of them were taken before/at Chelsea's birthday party. I made a squirrel cake to celebrate the event, as only a squirrel cake would have been appropriate. I thought I would bring a photo out from hiding.

Latest plans are to make stationary! These plans will move forward as soon as I make it to the art store. However, this endeavor proves surprisingly difficult due to a number of unfortunate recent events and circumstances. Sooner than later though, I'll have something to show...and maybe sell...

Money is never the object. The object is the therapy. And sometimes, if one is lucky, the object makes someone else happy too. Sometimes, people buy things that make them happy. This is my latest Art Theory and Artist Statement. Deep.

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