Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"What are you sinking about?" and I just finished Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Transitional phases are mind boggling, motivating, and impossibly full of uncertainty. Things that keep my head from exploding:
Godiva Dark Mint Chocolate Pearls (thank you Aunt and Uncle),
fiber-arting (which includes staring at the embroidery floss bins at Jo-Ann Fabrics),
the "plunk plunk" sound of a ukulele,
spending two minutes in a photo-booth taking the least serious pictures possible with people I love,
framing them,
framing anything,
and automatic writing and doodling.

When this song blasts from my speakers, it makes decision-making possible.

And I think this commercial is hilarious. Still.

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  1. I find myself staring longingly at the bins of embroidery floss too. Actually, I can't leave a craft store without buying more--it's become an issue. I need to buy more of the little plastic/cardboard bobbins for the floss since I've run out.

    Oh also, I came across this woman's work awhile ago. Click on the link to her Etsy or Flickr accounts. She has some really cute embroidered stuff. I'm in love with her foxes.