Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad Music/Audio Doodle

I have no access to a scanner here, nor do I have my camera. I can't upload any new images so I'm left to clearing out my media files and bringing back some old things.

This audio file isn't of these two people playing...they are far better than I am. This is what I consider an "audio doodle," which from me means bad music. But I feel the same way about playing with music as I do about playing with imagery, so I dabble, regardless of a lack of formal teaching. This clip is from February 20th. I was home alone with my keyboard and this was the result.

Side note: I walked three miles to find a Borders in Charlotte and started reading Seven Years in Tibet. It's giving me a new interest in Oriental art and design, as Harrer's descriptions of what he sees are beautiful.

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