Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latest thing...

Functional. Practical. Creative. Unusual. Homespun. More progress made à la maison de Zehr-Biegler. I enjoyed making this right piece so much and frankly, I love it and could produce it quickly and happily over and over again with variations galore. Nothing makes me happier than beauty and creation in the home. And this was so simple (part of why I like the solution so much). I would love to share it with those of like taste (thank you internet for your infinite sharing possibilities). Working on that.

Bookshelf! I have you back! I have lived over a year without them...the pieces of me that other people have written. Never again. They are part of me like my eyes are part of me. I pulled W.H. Auden off the shelf, flipped it open to the first poem marked by a torn piece of napkin and wept as I read "Song for St. Cecilia's Day." The power of so rarely you find someone who understands the medium. And wields his or her fluency and mastery like a wand, rendering any reader or listener speechless. And perhaps in tears. But most importantly feeling something so completely. A feeling not created by, but summoned by the artist. Words are art. All the time. Like any other creating is. Sometimes I forget their value. And I am reminded to make an effort not to cheapen it.

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