Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'll fight for fluffy things.

This is the only thing either one of us has had time to make in the last week. A four and a half day stretch of lost dog torture.

The only thing that keeps me from saying it was nothing but awful was the fact that she got lost in a very pretty place and Alex and I got to watch many a beautiful Fall sunrise and sunset while looking for her. We also met a lot of incredibly nice people in my parents' neighborhood who were more helpful and wonderful than we ever expected and I would also like to thank the DEC, Madison County dog wardens (except maybe one...), the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators of CNY, that nice man in Manlius, local trappers and most of parents' next door neighbor for having a lovely, unblocked, safe-feeling back deck under which Roo could hide...later to be found there by me. She's back...again. And I am so glad that is over. Back to normalcy, hopefully. Oh I missed her so.

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