Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yuki-Akari, "snow light" in Japanese. One of the many interesting facts I learned while reading "The Snow Tourist" by Charlie English. And it is here!! Finally, it feels and looks like Winter. Rooka apparently loves the snow and is much better able to march around in it than I am. She is in her little snow dog. We should have named her Qanuk, "snowflake" in Yup'ik (also from book). A Naturalist and Other Beasts by George Schaller is arriving via UPS today, along with The Snow Leopard  by Peter Matthiessen. One Lord of the Rings book down and two left to go. I am so blissfully content in this little apartment, with my partially painted walls (an ongoing project that is often broken up by photo editing and reading and NYTimes crossword puzzles) and BOOKS. My mind tingles with new information and stimulation and I never want this little vacation to end. These are a grown-up's "snow days." I love it.  

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