Monday, September 19, 2011

Logical thinking...

Aww, painting. 

I would like to have time and energy to paint.
I would like to enter pieces that aren't a year old into group shows.
Also, to read.
And to have weekends off.
And to work on developing the portrait photography part of my "studio."
I would really like to not be anxiety ridden all the time.
And to spend more time taking long leisurely walks with Rooka.
I want to finish my curtains.
And sculpt.
And to feel like my creative and inquisitive self again.

Unfortunately, there may only be one solution to this problem. And I'm probably going to have an ugly couple of months ahead getting to the point where I can get back to all these things. But there are these things I am not willing to sacrifice. And lately, I feel they've been hijacked. I want them back. And I do not feel like myself without them. Aww, crud. Sometimes you piss people off just trying to do the right thing. That is never easy. Just keeeeep swimming just keep swimming! What a whirl.

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