Monday, September 5, 2011


Since familiarity with umlauts in the US is a little uncommon (veterinarians, vet assistants, friends, strangers on the street that we pass on walks...however art historians would do well!) we're debating how we will spell this name. But it is chosen! Pronounced more or less like Rooka, but spelled Röka, properly. The name is loosely derived from the Norse mythological event Ragnarök, when the wolves eat the moon and the gods and then the earth is reclaimed by nature...then there's more, but that's the part we liked. Anyway, as dramatic as her namesake may be, she's still silent as ever and still shy. To be expected. We don't anticipate this changing for some time, but we do everything we can in the meantime to make her as happy as a dog can be. She generally stays put, so she's an easy doodle subject. I like drawing her fluffy little face!

I miss actually CREATING art. I've been facilitating the creation of art by others, professionally now and as rewarding as that has been, I do miss doing it myself. I wish so much I had taken dance when I was younger. It is AWESOME getting to scout for dancers and watch reels (they're so GRACEFUL!). I love that job. But lately it gives me a little twinge of pain to be so busy. I am supposed to paint Alex's mother a cat. It shall be done! I have a couple of professional shoots of this kind or that coming up in the somewhat near future. The new lens is only a couple days away from being mine! (at least monetarily...:( shipping takes time too). Who knows...feeling generally confused about directions lately. If I were in the Hobbit...I would be in Mirkwood without the faintest idea of when or how I'll get out. Waiting for the wood elves to scoop me up any moment now. Then I have to find the river.

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