Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is my Still Life. That is always moving.

Candles, old chairs, the New York Times, wedding invitations, grandpa's woodwork, shims, lenses, dog treats, succulent arrangements, New York Times bags and plastic grocery bags, lighters, bills, math scribbles on backs of receipts, Iverhart Plus heart worm medication, pottery, clothing tags, water bottles, paper towels, sunglasses, bottle openers and peanuts. 

This is what I look at when I start and end my day. And it sums it all up. The efforts, victories, failures, frustrations, challenges, progress,'s all here on this dining room table.

But there is this at about 7:45 every morning-the very first thing I experience every day...and this little wagging tail is so special, I can't even explain how it makes it all so much better:


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