Monday, September 12, 2011

Over and under!

Today started wonderfully...Rooka wagged her tail. I was early for work. I had a delicious dirty chai tea latte. AND, I got these tickets for the opening reception at the Everson, Friday. Sadly, this event which marks a milestone for me also happens to be at the exact same time as another engagement...I am going to make this work somehow! But yes...these are all good things that happened today. Though the rest of the day tried very very hard to bring me down, I will say it did not completely succeed, as I am still happy about this event coming up.

The tickets are horribly ugly, so here is a silly picture of me WITH the tickets to better illustrate the excitement and merriment they have inspired.

About all the rest...asdfaiodfalsdfadghajfadfadsfl. Something's got to give. Depending on the day, what that thing looks like it will be changes. But I can is more and more clear with time that I want to go back to school. I have for a while, and though I weave on and off the path that I think may lead there, I like to think that it is, albeit indirectly, getting me there. I've always been swervy.


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